It doesn't matter so much who we are as much as where we are going.  Our mission from the inception of this company was to Connect Beer Lovers with Local Breweries.  Our first step in achieving this vision is with our app.  Our apps goal is to Help Beer Lovers Discover, Organize and Share their Craft Beer Finds.  Our hope is that GoodBrew will become synonymous with so much more than just an app one day.  

Our Main Tenets:

Promote local

Our local economies are important to the stability of the national economy.  Running a small business today is harder than ever, when you look at the booming craft beer market, you have thousands of choices most of which are not locally produced.  We want to bring the local guys in your area to front of the line.

Promote the craft

The culture that has grown up since the 80’s around craft beer is one of artistry and not overproduction.  Our goal is to present this artistry in a way that promotes it for what it is rather than just another thing to consume and rate. One way we will do this will be by not offering a five-star rating system in our app - ever.  When it comes to rating beer, a beer you may not appreciate may be considered the best beer another person has ever tried.  Our goal is to present every beer the way their creators intended, equally with every other beer out there.

For the every-man

Some beer apps are highly technical, allowing for a great amount of detail in the way you record your taste. These are great features, but most of us don’t know the lingo, and we’re not informed enough to make any official statements about somebody else's creation.  So we offer personal Tags, which give the you the ability to record what you are tasting without influencing other people.  And we give breweries the ability to apply their own Tags to each beer so that they can begin to teach us what we should be tasting for.

For the connoisseur 

On the other hand some beer apps are so focused on the every man that they ignore the people striving to become more refined in their taste.  We wanted to build an app that would encourage the growth of an individual's taste knowledge.  It’s one of the reasons we offered Tags.  Tags is a way for breweries and users to interact with what they are tasting and record it.  Brewers are given the ability to record the different tastes they want people to look for and users can record what they noticed.  Over time this will help refine the palate and taste knowledge of the every-man connoisseur.

Your real friends.   

Key to the way we built the social aspect of our app was the desire for exclusivity of real friends.  My friends and I already right now share our craft beer finds with each other.  It’s natural for us to talk about what we mutually love.  We wanted to create a social structure that reflected that within our app.  So, if you are friends on Facebook, Google+, and or Twitter and you download our app, you will automatically be friends on GoodBrew as well.  You can also hide friends within the app.  Giving you complete control of your circle of friends within the app.