Last post we gave you a broad overview of how we distinguish ourselves, feel free to check it out here.  In this post we'd like to break down some of our main features.

In this post we will be discussing Discovery.  There are a lot of different ways that an app can help a user discover new craft beer.  We help you discover new beers in a couple of ways.


Search in an of itself isn't all that original, I would probably go so far as to say that if a craft beer app didn't have some kind of search functionality it probably wouldn't stay on your phone that long.  We had a desire to create a search that was both simple to use and extremely useful.  So, we split our search function into two categories:  Beer and Breweries.  We wanted to give you the ability to search anyway you wanted within these two categories, so, we give you the ability to search by brewery within the beer search and by beer within the brewery search.  Each will bring up different results, the beer search bringing up beers by brewery and the brewery search bringing breweries with those beers etc. Of course you can search by beer style as well as specific beer names as well.

We also had a desire to bring local to the front of the line.  So we've created a split search result within the two categories of beer and brewery search.  Locally brewed beer shows up first and then beer drank locally, which would include beer that is not locally brewed.  Our goal was to empower you to be able to search anyway you wanted to and get the results that you are looking for.  One of the reasons we chose to do it this way is because searching for craft beer can be complicated. We want to show you accurately what is around you as well as give you control of what shows up.   Everything in our search results will show up in geographic order so you can easily find what your looking for.


We added a map to our discovery tool so that your search results can become visual quickly.  Within our map you can click through to the breweries profile page or get directions.      


We have this assumption that you care more about what your friends think than some random people you've never met.  This is at the heart of our social discovery tool.  Because of this assumption we've created a discovery tool that allows you to see only your friends activities... your real friends.  We designed the app in a way that connects you to the friends you're already connected with through Facebook, Twitter and/ or Google+ who've downloaded the app as well.  Don't worry we also give you the ability to hide certain people if you want.  Our social feed allows you to see all of your friends activities in regards to what they're drinking, where they're drinking it and how their organizing it.  We also give you the ability to recommend beers to friends inside the app as well as receive recommendations from friends.  We created these functionalities in order to bring what you are already doing in person to your phone.  We already engage and interact with our friends about craft beer, our discovery tool give you the ability to do this from anywhere.  There is a lot more we could say about the social features we offer but we're going to designate an entire post to those things in the very near future.  

Profile pages

We created our profile pages with the goal of informing the user, we wanted to offer you more than just a pretty picture of a label but give you information that was useful to you in your discovery efforts.  So, on every beer profile page we offer ABV, IBU, preferred drinking temperature, and preferred glass type.  We offer brewery descriptions of their beer, as well as information on any awards the beer has won.  We also offer a great new tool for you and the brewery: tags, which offers you the ability to understand the attributes that make up that beer.  All of this is to help you discover new craft beer. 

Every brewery has it's own profile page as well, so on top of being able to discover local beer geographically near you, you can also discover easily everything a brewery carries on one page.

All this to say, we've tried to provide a lot of ways for you to discover new beers that will keep you and your friends engaged.  We will be the first to admit that at this present time, the relevancy of our data is not what we are selling... Yet, we've got 20,000 beers currently and it's estimated that there is at least 40,000 craft beers in the U.S.  Of course we offer plenty of great ways for every user to add beers, which we will get into in another post.  But what we are selling is what we believe is a better tool for discovering new craft beer than is currently available.  And we can't wait to use it ourselves.

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