This is probably our most asked question... How are you different from (fill in the name of a specific popular beer app)? So, we thought we'd try to answer that here in our first series.

If we had an elevator ride to explain to you the differences, this is probably what we would say:

We give you more ways to custom organize your craft beer finds, allow you to follow only your real friends, and give you the ability to purchase beer for them at participating breweries from your phone.

We want to flesh this out over the next couple of weeks and hopefully get you as excited as we are about our upcoming app.

Our mission is to help beer lovers discover, organize and share their craft beer finds.  We found a lot of beer apps failed to do this well, some were really good at discovery but not very good at organization, in fact it seems that most beer apps define themselves as a better way to discover new beers, and that's important.  But we asked ourselves the question, so you find new craft beer, then what?  So we have tried to bring you both discovery and organization.  Another thought we've had is about how to share your finds.  It goes without saying that sharing what you drink is already ingrained in the culture of drinking craft beer, what would this look like from a virtual standpoint?  We realized that when you boiled it down, gaining 'friends' or 'followers' in our app is not really reflective of how we engage people over craft beer.  So we made it about your real friends, the ones you are already friends with on Facebook and Twitter, rather than about some number that doesn't actually reflect a realistic number of friends. Those are just people who've followed you so you'll follow them.  

We're going to go into more depth about these features in the coming weeks.  But for now please sign up below if you want to receive notifications about new posts in your email.

If you are interested in going a step further you can sign up for beta testing Click Here.  


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