We appreciate everyone who participated in the survey, your answers helped to solidify some of the goals and features we will be offering right away in the first version, it also help solidify the direction we plan on heading in the near future.  But, it also revealed that we may not be for everyone.  It's hard to say things like that about a product that you're building because if fulfills a need you've seen, but it's true that we might not be for everyone, and we have to be okay with that.  

How we can help you do the things you're already doing but hopefully better.

The two largest topics discussed were organization and social interaction.  These seem to be very important to you and they are to us as well.


This is what we are most excited about.  GoodBrew will offer you the ability to track and organize your beers any way you want.  We offer some traditional lists: Favorites, Wish List, and even a Dislike List.  But we also go a step further and offer you Custom Lists.  We also keep track of everything you mark 'Drank', and every place you've 'Checked In.'  


We noticed a lot of people talking about interacting with friends socially.  This is another feature we are really excited about, but took a different philosophical approach with.  Our app is not about finding new craft beer enthusiasts, it's about helping you interact with the group of friends you already have that are into craft beer.  We like to think of GoodBrew as a micro-social network.  Micro in that it is about you and the group of friends you have already that are interested in craft beer.  We're not trying to be Twitter or Instagram and help you get your friend/follower counts up.  We are about real interactions over beer.  We have a social feed that shows you beer, your friends, what you are drinking, how they are organizing it and where they are finding it.  We also give you the ability to Recommend beers to friends because we believe you know best what your friends will like.  

How our app may differ from your expectations.


Rating things is a big deal for most apps that deal with food products these days.  It is an easy way to simply and quickly get an idea of what the average feeling is on a product.  Our approach to discovery is a bit different.  We feel like an average rating of something isn't a very good way to determine whether something is good, worth trying or even a way to remember if something was good.  We agree that there needs to be a way to do all this and this is why we offer Tags.  Tags are a little more involved than simply picking between 1 and 5 stars but it gives users the ability to record why they liked (or didn't like) a particular beer.  You can put a beer in your Favorites but if you don't record why you put it there, it won't be of any real use to you.  Rating is easy to quantify, and everybody is doing it but it doesn't make it a good system just because everybody is doing it.  We will go more into this subject in a later post.  All this to say that we are still in development of new ways to help users quickly and simply remember their beers. At the same time we are committed to treating each beer with the respect it deserves as art.


We wouldn't normally talk that much about this one but it got enough people talking about it in our survey that we thought we'd quickly address it here.  There are a couple of philosophical differences between us and other apps on the market currently.  Our app is designed to be a tool, tools aren't enjoyable because they have a bunch of entertaining options for getting users motivated to use them, they are enjoyable because they perform their task well.  This is our goal, to create a tool that performs well.  If this is not enough for all craft beer enthusiasts, if they need a reward system to keep them coming back to use the tool, than we're cool with that and there's an app for you already out there.      

In Conclusion

Consider this first version a foundation upon which we would like to build all kinds of great and useful features.  Our goal with beta testing is to make sure we get the foundation correct. So, if you're not currently signed up for beta testing and would like to join in please do so now.

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